Few industries display such a demanding need for operational efficiency such as healthcare. Fast-paced, sophisticated, and tolerating zero error, healthcare offices and professionals must respond to both patient needs and industry requirements flawlessly.

Maintaining this balancing act is tricky, but the right tools make it work. Flexible, scalable solutions like OpenText™ RightFax™ help healthcare organizations of every size and type keep pace with patients, industry growth, and compliance requirements alike. Read on for an in-depth look at OpenText™ RightFax™, what it is, and how it helps healthcare organizations succeed.

What Is OpenText™ RightFax™?

OpenText™ RightFax™ is a fax server application. This is a type of software that creates a virtual server on a local area network (LAN) to empower users to create, send, and receive paperless faxes on their computers. Such technology eliminates the need for additional phone lines and physical fax machines, using cloud services to simplify and accelerate faxing in a secure environment.

Digital faxing is a powerful capability within industries that rely on physical documents, but which also need those hard copies to function seamlessly with a digital environment. OpenText™ RightFax™ helps companies bridge the digital-physical document gap by making it easier to integrate faxing with other modern office capabilities.

The Office Tools Healthcare Organizations Need

Even the smallest healthcare organizations have robust business needs. OpenText™ RightFax™ makes sure that any office, from major hospitals to private practices, can gain access to the tools they need to succeed. The features of OpenText™ RightFax™ include:

Scalable Solutions

OpenText™ RightFax™ is a highly scalable application for organizations of every size. Get the fax capacity needed without worrying about fax boards, jammed channels, or over-engineered servers with more power than the company needs.

Flexible Deployment

Choose between hybrid fax server deployments, managed services, or on-premise servers according to the company’s needs. These options are flexible, and companies can switch them out as their business needs grow or evolve.

Visibility Across the Board

Visibility is a prerequisite for enhanced security. Gain the ability to track every stage of a fax’s lifecycle. An interactive user interface tracks who faxes, when, where, and to whom, improving the auditability of the entire system.

Integration-Rich Extensions

Healthcare organizations are modern businesses in their own right, relying on copiers and printers plus a host of other technologies. OpenText™ RightFax™ integrates with MFPS, SMTP-based emails, and a variety of office software or applications to promote increased operational efficiency.

How OpenText™ RightFax™ Enhances HIPAA Compliance

Cloud-based fax services like OpenText™ RightFax™ are a great choice for healthcare organizations that desire to strengthen their HIPAA compliance. HIPAA requires numerous safeguards which range from physical to technical and administrative. A fax server addresses these safeguards. By replacing a physical fax machine with a fax server, companies gain:

End-to-End Security

A fax server enjoys the same level of security as other components of a network. Fully visible to the IT department, it’s much easier to monitor who accesses faxing capabilities, what’s being sent, and where it’s going. Combined with the visibility tools of OpenText™ RightFax™, an office will enjoy tighter security to keep protected health information safe.

Improved Patient Information Exchange

Healthcare organizations need a high degree of interoperability between systems and providers, but they need to do so in a secure, methodical way. OpenText™ RightFax™ makes it easier for professionals to access and transmit the necessary patient information as requested or required. Integration capabilities ensure that professionals can fax from a HIPAA compliant environment directly to another.

Decreased Chances of Accidental Data Breaches

Although fax machines were considered safer because they handled hard copies, one critical flaw existed which weakened their ability to achieve HIPAA compliance. It’s easy to accidentally send a fax to the wrong number. OpenText™ RightFax™ eliminates this risk with fax tracking to ensure that protected health information is neither inappropriately nor accidentally shared with the wrong people.

Get the Right Fax Solutions with DSI

The healthcare industry is a fast-paced, evolving environment that needs to operate flawlessly in both the digital and physical realms. Few technologies enable this as fluently as OpenText™ RightFax™, making it a powerful tool for any healthcare organization. Digital faxing allows an office to retain the valuable aspects of faxing while eliminating many of the flaws and risks of HIPAA violations that fax machines introduce. With digital faxing, doctors can more easily access the patient information they need in a secure, digital environment.

For healthcare organizations, operational efficiency means more than just an easier time managing records and staying secure. It means the ability to deliver better care and an enhanced experience to patients.

DSI works with healthcare organizations of all sizes to acquire the operational efficiency they need to succeed. Contact us today to start a conversation about your office’s needs.