Enhance Your Office With The Promethean White Board

Document Solutions Inc., the Southwest leader in total office solutions, has teamed up with Promethean to bring our customers their award-winning Promethean White Board. A global education technology company, Promethean connects classrooms with software, apps, content, and professional development tools for teachers and administrators. Their dedication to motivating students to learn by creating dynamic connected learning environments is proudly embodied in their innovative, interactive whiteboard system, the ActivBoard Touch.

ActivBoard Touch

The ActivBoard Touch is a multi-user, collaborate white board that provides teachers with a diverse range of tools and resources to enhance their instruction with interactive features. With versatility to foster a truly hands-on experience, The ActivBoard Touch is the ideal addition for classrooms throughout the spectrum of academia.

  • Ten-touch surface optimizes interactivity and collaboration by combining traditional dry-erase writing with award-winning software.
  • Effortlessly connect your computer to the ActivBoard Touch system and instantly connect your classroom to a world of interactive learning.
  • Multi-touch display is designed for multiple users, giving educators and their students simultaneous interaction.
  • 3-in-1 surface that allows for viewing, dry-erase writing, and multi-user interaction.

Promethean White Board Technology Delivered By DSI

Since 1997, the trusted team at DSI has worked hard to deliver total office solutions to our customers throughout the region. DSI partners with the leading manufacturers from across the globe that specialize in office equipment for government, education, healthcare, and small business sectors. We strive to carry the most advanced technology that will immediately improve the efficiency and functionality of your work environment. Discover how DSI can enrich your classroom with Promethean White Board technology today!