DSI & Lexmark : Solutions For Every Industry

The adaptable, reliable, and efficient products developed by Lexmark that industries use in their offices are available through Document Solutions, Inc. The leader in document imaging security, Lexmark has been producing high performance, cost-effective imaging solutions, technologies, and services for businesses around the world since 1991.

As a global leader in managed print services and output technology solutions, their products simplify the printing, scanning, and transmitting of digital and printed information. Lexmark’s renowned technologies combined with DSI’s dedicated print management services offer businesses affordable and versatile total office solutions.



  • Managed print services that maximize productivity and efficiency for the entire faculty.
  • Copy Center enables teachers to submit copy jobs from anywhere, at any time.
  • Cloud enabled Teaching Assistant eliminates manual grading, creates personalized answer sheets, and provides comprehensive test analysis complete with built-in grade reporting.


  • Smart Document Capture automates manual paper-intensive processes; increases document security and protection, and provides accurate, swift service to constituents.
    Lexmark managed print services automate governmental fleet supply chains; maintain control and visibility of infrastructure, and decreases maintenance expenses.
  • Classified Incident Reporting quickly works to intervene when an employee mistakenly sends a classified document through an unsecure network by allowing users to remotely lock down the multifunction printer that was used and file an immediate report, initiating and streamlining thorough UDCI investigations.


  • Tamper resistant prescription printing ensures CMS compliance, eliminates the need for dedicated or special-purpose prescription printers, and is easily adaptable for diverse environments.
  • Lexmark Secure Document Monitor provides real-time capture of every document that passes through the multifunction printer, automatically securing all user content and integrating it into existing security systems.
  • Advanced healthcare output management software makes the printing, copying, and delivering of vital information efficient, fast, and easy to manage by streamlining workflows, improve uptime across organizations, and integrating seamlessly into all major healthcare management systems.

DSI & Lexmark: Growing Businesses

Document Solutions, Inc. is much more than a family-owned business that delivers total office solutions for a vast spectrum of industries. DSI partners with the leading office equipment manufacturers to bring the absolute best multifunction printers, scanners, and software solutions to businesses throughout the Southwest region. Our strategic partnerships and hands-on staff combine to solve convoluted print management processes across a variety of industries. DSI provides the world-leading services developed by Lexmark that offices trust.