DSI Print Club

DSI Production Print Room

Document Solutions Inc. is truly a one stop shop for “Total Office Equipment and Supplies Solutions.” At DSI we are proud to offer a fully functional printing, Production Print and Wide Format Print. Our document production capability allows our customers to put their creative prowess to the test by producing high quality, low cost production of almost any document.



Document Production

Regular Sizes

8.5″x11″  11″x17″  8.5″x14″

Production and Wide Format Sizes

24″x24″  24″x36″

Custom Sizes

24″-36″ wide & up to 150′ long!

Finishing Options

Black&White  Color  Full-Bleed  Gloss  Vellum Staple  Fold  Booklet  Post Card  Flyers

Print Club Jobs:

  • Flyers: mail-out, hand-out, tri-fold
  • Mailing: post cards, legal documents (secure), invitations, large-format documents
  • Legal: secure printing and copying, watermarks,document destruction (secure), displays
  • Food Services: menus, table-top displays, posters, vellum for light boxes, banners, displays
  • Distribution: window displays, booklets (stapled or bound), hand-outs, large-format displays
  • On Demand Printing: inquire about rush print jobs, design work and other document production

DSI Print Club Membership Pricing

If you are currently a DSI Print Club Member, click on the link below for pricing.

Print Club Membership Pricing

For all other non-member Print Jobs, please call us at (505) 256-9579.

Or email us at, printclub@dsinm.com.