Color MFP Office Systems

c224e-mediumbizhub C224e

The bizhub C224e brings 22 ppm output in both color and B&W, optional single-pass dual scanning, modular finishing options and enhanced control panel that’s as simple as operating a tablet PC.

bizhub C224e Spec Sheet bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e Brochure


c284e-mediumbizhub C284e

The bizhub C284e brings 28 ppm output in both color and B&W, scanning up to 160 opm, 3,650-sheet maximum paper capacity in a wide range of sizes and weights, including tab printing.

bizhub C284e Spec Sheet bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e Brochure


c364e-mediumbizhub C364e

36 ppm in both color and B&W, transparent menus, customizable icons, improved soft keyboards, and downloadable apps to improve productivity on the bizhub C364e*.

bizhub C364e Spec Sheet bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e Brochure


bizhubc454e_mediumbizhub C454e

The bizhub C454e* multifunction printer fax copier can boost your output speed and improve your productivity with 45 ppm print/copy output, standard single-pass dual scanning.

bizhub C454e Spec Sheet bizhub C454e/C554e Brochure


bizhub_C554e_photo_265+x+185_72dpibizhub C554e

The bizhub C554e* has high-speed, high-volume output, with 55 ppm print/copy speed in both color and B&W, standard single-pass dual scanning.

bizhub C554e Spec Sheet bizhub C454e/C554e Brochure


c654e_265x185-1bizhub C654e

The bizhub C654e* offers superior color quality, fast output, and intuitive tablet-like functionality that makes you more productive. 60 ppm output in color and 65 ppm in B&W.

bizhub C654e Spec Sheet bizhub C654e/C754e Brochure


c754e_265x185bizhub C754e

The bizhub C754e* can introduce you to a new way of working: smart, fast and intuitive, with superior high-resolution color and output speeds up to 60 ppm in color and 75 ppm in B&W.

bizhub C754e Spec Sheet bizhub C654e/C754e Brochure

* Models shown above may contain optional accessories that are not standard, but may be added on to your device.
ALL models shown are standard, networked multifunction devices; wireless is an option for some models.